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Recaptcha Solver OCR Server




Recaptcha OCR Server


Finally our recaptcha solver is ready for you. We have an ocr server that can solve recaptcha captchas almost to the same percentage level as human captcha services like decaptcher and deathbycaptcha. Solving recaptcha has become very difficult so even human solvers at those services solve decaptcher at low percentages. And its very very expensive to use decaptcher and other human captcha solving s0ervices. Why? Because they all charge you for the failed captcha and leave you paying for work that hasn't yet been done. Which means you have to continue buying captcha credits until your work is completed. So for example, if deathbycaptcher human captcha solving service is solving at 4% success rate, they will still charge you for the 96% that failed. This makes its all very expensive and then you still have to pay again to continue to do the work that hasn't been done. And even if you use a software that reports back failed captchas so that they don't charge you, they will ban you. They claim that it overloads their server to get feed backs of failed captchas. So with those human captcha services you can't even report back failed captcha to subtract they high percentage failed recaptcha they currently offer. But with our free Recaptcha ocr server you can continue to solve captcha all day and all night and not have to pay for failed recaptchas.




Free ReCaptcha Solving After Purchase


Paying For ReCaptcha per captcha is now a no no!


Don't Burn Up Money Paying For Human Captcha Services Which force you to Pay for 95% Failed Recaptchas!


Solve Recaptcha 24/7 With our ReCaptcha Solver OCR


Use Recaptcha OCR Server For Ever Free



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With our Recaptcha solver or recaptcha ocr server, you don't pay for anything after the initial payment and then you can use it all day and all night. Our recaptcha solver server solves recaptchas at percentages close that of human captcha services. Recaptcha has become very popular and the need to solve it is in high demand. But recaptcha has suddenly become very difficult and paying for human captcha services to solve them are no longer economical. You will be wasting a lot of your money daily or weekly just to pay for human captcha service to solve your recaptcha. You need a service that will not charge you per captcha since the solving success rate or solving percentage for recaptcha is now very low. No need being forced to pump out lots of money daily for a bad job. If the success percentage for the job is very low then it needs to be free and not be charged per captcha. These human captcha services lie to you to burn up you money daily. They claim they only charge you for successful captchas. If you have used them, you will know that its not true at all. In the past when they used to have 70 to 80% success rate for their recaptcha solving, you could look the other way and bare the 20% or 30% loss every time you pay for captcha or recaptcha. But now 4 to 6% means you are burning up 96% of your money for nothing. That means the only way is to use a captcha service like our Recaptcha Solver that will be on 24/7 and not charge you per captcha. Being charged per captcha is now a no no especially for recaptcha or any difficult captcha!




ReCaptcha Solver Server Purchase Pricing


We now have our recaptcha solver available for sale. After you buy it, its free to use for a life time.

The total cost is currently only $1500. The price used to be $3500 when recaptcha success percentage was higher.

So we are giving you a high discount for the fallen success rate. But you can still do all your marketing work with it since it will be one 24/7 if you need.

The human captcha solving services are not giving you any discount now that the fail their recaptcha solving at a terribly high rate.

The success rate has fallen everywhere!


Click here to order Recaptcha Solver Server





ReCaptcha Solver Server Renting Pricing


We also offer you the option to rent the Recaptcha Solver Server if purchasing it is above your budget. But remember either of these 2 options is a must because the amount of money you carry off weekly to human captcha services like deathbycaptcha or decaptcher is enormous!



To rent Recaptcha Solver OCR Server its:


$80 a week for 1 IP and port

$100 a week for 2 IPs and ports

$200 a week for 3 IPs and ports

$250 a week for 4 IPs and ports

$300 a week for 5 IPs and ports


Click Here To Order The Recaptcha Solver Rent Service






Our Captcha bypass service enables you to do your projects that keep requesting a security code seamlessly. With our captcha recognizer service you can pay a small fee monthly and have our remote captcha recognition experts recognize the captcha's for you all day. We have thousands of employees that work to recognize and enter the captchas centrally. And all you have to do is be connected to our recognition service. You won't have to worry about your project being stopped or interrupted because there is nobody in your office to enter the captchas or security letters. Order our captcha auto filler service now to be all set!

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